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GeniusChildhood was established by a group of parents keen to see their own children get the best possible start in life. Our journey began with the revelation that traditional schooling methods are often counterproductive, and in some cases, entirely damaging to a child’s future success and happiness. From then on, we began searching for alternative ways to ensure our children had the best possible chances in life.

Every child has something unique to offer, and each child has the ability to excel in one or more areas. It is our mission to cultivate this raw talent at an early age – to develop skills, knowledge and confidence through modern educational methods. As we have seen from first-hand experience, traditional education methods can be counterproductive. The genius inside every child is often lost in the crucial early years. If this talent is not nurtured correctly, it can be lost forever. At GeniusChildhood, we have taken a stand for children and are committed to delivering high quality education for all.

It is this reason why our founders launched the Montessori Weekend School. This highly successful project delivers the proven teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori in a safe, child-friendly and happy environment.

We have big plans for our organisation and are continually looking at new ways to expand. Our partnerships with education providers, child-friendly groups and other stakeholders have since allowed us to deliver a range of products and services, such as new school startups and management, educational advice and consulting, open days, education events, and more.

Championing the genius inside every child

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